Los Clásicos Nunca Mueren

100% PURE Blue Agave

Los Clásicos Nunca Mueren

We are in the business of creating, exporting and distributing high quality spirits that create unique and Legendary drinking experiences.

Our Mezcal is produced in the region of Zacatecas, nestled in a privileged zone in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, closely neighboring the State of Jalisco, the home of the Tequilana Weber Blue Agave Variety.


● 100% Tequilana Weber
Blue Agave Variety
● FDA Approved
● Certified by the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal (CRM)
● Advocates of growth and sustainability

Unique, Special & Exclusive

The strength from the Tequilana Weber Blue Agave Variety and making process, give our Mezcal the fingerprint of a premium smoke-free spirit, made of 100% PURE Blue Agave.

Breaking away from the iconic ‘smoky flavor’, this Super Premium Mezcal
competes at the level of premium Mexican Spirits.

How We
Produce Mezcal

The Blue Agave matures for at least 7 years before its hand-selected to harvest. Using a Coa de Jima (hoe), a Jimador (harvester) cuts away the spiky leaves from the Agave plant to reveal a large pineapple shaped heart called a piña. The piñas are cut into pieces and taken to the ovens where they are steam-cooked in stainless steel autoclaves for 8 hours, and then let them to rest for 12 hours.

After the piñas are cooled, they are crushed and
strained to extract the honey water (aguamiel). These agave juices are then fermented through an organic process that lasts approximately 72 hrs.
After the fermentation stage is done, the mash is
double-distilled and then bottled and ready for sale.

100% PURE Blue Agave 

Know us and taste one of the Best Mezcals in Mexico


Our most popular Blanco-Joven Mezcal is silky and delicate. Of great luminosity, transparency and brilliance, medium intensity crystalline color with a great body.

Aroma: earthy, apple vinegar, dried lemon peel
Taste: raw agave, medium-body, baked pineapple, ripped banana, finish with mezcal like earthiness


Rested in Canadian white oak barrels for 6 months. Thus its Golden yellow color of medium intensity. 

Aroma: Caramel, woody, cinnamon, blackpepper, earthy
Taste: Ginseng, medium body, bay lead vanilla, dried fruit, finished with light grilled chestnut.


This Mezcal acquires its rich color by
resting in Canadian white oak and French oak barrels for at least 24 months.

Aroma: woody, chocolate, cinnamon,
baked apple, dried flower.
Taste: Dried fruits, honey, medium-high body, licorice, finish with woody flavors.

Our Story

Raised by a strong single mother who was determined to pass on the passion of my late bohemian father’s love for classic Mexican music, food, and writing. Just as Agave evolves in oak barrels, so has my appreciation for the traditions of Mexico fused with the influence of my Mother’s strength and hard work. It is this combination that fuels both the inspiration and determination to develop this product and is captured in our

“Los Clasicos Nunca Mueren” …the Classics Never Die.

As a young brand, we are actively seeking advocates, advisors, and
distribution partners in the US, Asia and Europe that share our passion for
the product and can help develop the market for a Super Premium

Join us! And lets become «Legends» Together


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We are not just another Mezcal we are going to be a LEGEND!
Know us and taste one of the Best Mezcal in Mexico 100% PURE Blue Agave.

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